Affiliated Partner

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Demonstrating the shared interests of network businesses and the CSIRO in the future of the energy system, ENA is delighted to welcome CSIRO as its affiliated partner again for Energy Networks 2016

CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency with more than 5,000 staff and one of the most diverse applied research agencies in the world.  Some of our innovations include the Wi-Fi 802.11 protocol we use every day, the UltraBattery™ advanced energy storage technology and our transformational Energy Futures process. Last year we used solar thermal technology to set a world record for creating the highest temperature ‘supercritical’ steam ever achieved outside of fossil fuels. Our Energy Flagship (EF) brings together 600 staff in multi-disciplinary teams to focus on the ‘wicked’ energy challenges that impact Australia and the world.  Our Grids + Renewable Energy Integration (G+REI) team brings together a diverse range of disciplines including power system engineering, computational science, energy economics and behavioural science.  

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